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Active at Home Guide

A Guide to Being Active at Home during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Who is this booklet for?

This booklet has been developed to support older people and those who are shielded to be active and healthy at home.

This is part of the Sport England Join the Movement campaign, designed to provide inspiration and trusted information to the public anout how to get active in and around the home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why is it important to stay active?

Being active is good for our physical and mental wellbeing. This is why we should all try to move regularly, including exercises to help stay strong and steady. This particularly applies to those of us who have health conditions or are older. Due to coronavirus we are all spending more time within our home, so it is important that we find ways to build activity into our day, every day.

Over the next few weeks, you may have health and social care appointments cancelled or delayed. If you are waiting for treatment, being active is one of the best things you can do to look after your health, as part of a healthy lifestyle. Being active at a level that feels comfortable is unlikely to make your health worse; in fact it can help to manage many health conditions.

Most of us are spending much more time within our home. This can be frustrating and upsetting, and it can be harder to be active when you can’t do your normal daily activities. This guide will help you to find ways to build activity into your day. If the exercise suggested doesn’t work for you, feel free to adapt them based on what you can do.

Download the FULL document here:

PHE Active at Home Guide

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