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Dear Patients

We will be starting our Flu Clinics Shortly

Influenza is a virus that infects many people each year, causing severe illness and sometimes death. The flu vaccination provides the best possible protection against this unpredictable virus. 

This year we will be running our flu clinics differently to ensure that we are COVID safe. Clinics will be run AM/PM and on some Saturdays.

Kindly wear a face mask when you come for your appointment.

 Ensure you wash/sanitize your hands before and after the visit.

Please come to the clinic at the appointed time as we would like to limit the number of patients waiting.

If you are coming to the Surgery by car to attend your appointment, please make appropriate arrangements for parking your vehicle as the care park will be closed, except for patients with disable badges.

The Practice will also be offering Shingles/Pneumococcal vaccination to those patients who are eligible for these.

Your appointment will take approximately 10 minutes, and you can leave the site immediately after. However, in some cases you might be requested to remain on the premises for a short while.

It is vital that you DO NOT attend for vaccination if you or a member of your household currently has symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are self-isolating due to contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.

The vaccination is free and recommended yearly for those who are most at risk of contracting influenza. This includes:

  • Children aged 2-10 years old*

  • Pregnant women

  • Anyone who suffers from a long-term medical condition

  • Everyone aged 65 and over

  • People who act as carers or work in health and social care

  • Close contacts of immune-compromised individuals

  • Those in long-stay residential care homes

If there is someone you rely on as your carer, please ask them to contact their own surgery as they may be eligible for a free flu vaccination too.

Thank you
Yours sincerely
The MWH Practice

For more information, please visit:

* Pre-school children aged 2-3 years will be vaccinated at their general practice. Children aged 4-10 years will normally be vaccinated at school.

Watch this short video from Professor Jonathan Van-Tam

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